20,5 x 20,5 cm
234 pages
full color
soft cover
ISBN: 9789082978001


18 October 2017 I started a project to make a portrait for 365 days in a row and post it on Facebook. I gave myself the assignment of using a different style every day: a kaleidoscope of my way of working over the years, from collage to Photoshop, classic and modern, reworking old drawings – digital or analogue.
I made some by cutting up or ripping photos and old drawings and putting them together again, but I also made new drawings and paintings for days..
Although I tried to reinvent the portrait every day, they still became self-portraits…

When I started Today’s Face, I couldn’t imagine that there would be such a strong response. Over time, I’ve been enjoying it more and more, also because of the reactions of the FB friends. I noticed that portraits in color got more ‘likes’ than the ones in black and white, which didn’t astonish me. Sometimes the reactions were surprising, as in the case of the portrait with the most ‘likes’. (19-09-2018)

In 2018 I made a book of the faces of one year, a second edition came in 2019.
The books are all sold. Maybe in the future I will make another book with new faces.

Wim Vonk, Amsterdam 2021